We need help, both financial and political.  We need to duplicate the infrastructure we have installed on Onoun at  the other 4 islands in the Namonuitoes.  Renovate existing classrooms, install solar power and connect to the internet via satellite before we can ask for volunteer teachers.

FINANCIAL:  The infrastructure is going to be expensive and a budget is being prepared.  Ideally this should be funded through some government program or grant and pressure needs to be brought on those capable of moving mountains but, there are continuous expenses: satellite fees, gas for the boats, replacement parts and other supplies for our ongoing project at Weipat High School on Onoun, see below.

Student work books can easily cost $100.00 per year and there are 489 students in the Namonuitoes plus simple schools supplies for each child.


Infrastructure, power & communication equipment:  These cost can amount to tens of thousands for each of the 4 islands but, only need to be installed once.


Contribution of any size will be accepted thru PayPal.  Click to Donate

Political:  The United States, through the Department of the Interior, Office of Insular Afairs, is responsible for funding various aspects of the government in the Federated States of Micronesia FSM and the state of Chuuk, including education.  Every year millions are sent to the FSM for education, “Why are there no pencils in the Namonuitoes?”  We need to press our elected officials to find out where our tax money is going??


We need experienced teachers to live on these islands once the basic communications infrastructure is in place to ensure the assets put in place are properly used.  The people are warm and receptive and will provide safe living conditions for those willing to experience life on a tropical island.  For the inexperienced this may be a challenge but the smile on the kid's faces makes it worthwhile.


We also need support in curriculum development without the use of interactive internet.

We need IT expertise to insure we are using the most advanced technology to bring these children into the 21st  Century.

We need assistance in locating funding, grants and entities willing to assist these children.

Payment for volunteers:   Will depend on our fundraising success.


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